Rebecca Ferguson – Teach Me How To Be Loved (Lexer Remix)

Lexer is probably on of our fav DJs at the moment. Countless great sets and remixes. His tracks gives you the chills..

This remix was sent in by Tino Kühn.

Lean back and enjoy this track.

Rebecca Ferguson – Teach Me How To Be Loved (Lexer Remix)

PingPong – Samba Karamba (Lexer Remix)

PingPong is realeasing his new track the beginning of may. Its called „Samba Karamba“. The Release will consist of the Original, a Lexer Remix and a Dawson Remix. The Lexer Remix was most convincing!:)

Obv. only as snippet;)

PingPong – Samba Karamba (Lexer Remix)