Lattos & Riema – Lover (Marcapasos Remix)

What do you think about this Marcapasos Remix?

This punchy bass line just gets us goooooing!;)

Lattos & Riema – Lover (Marcapasos Remix)

Tom Odell – Another Love (Tom B. Remix)

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Kicking off with Tom B.’s edit of a very melodic song by young Tom Odell.

Tom Odell – Another Love (Tom B. Remix)

Set by Pretty Pink

Never judge a book by its cover! When we first saw the title we where like whaaat? looks like hardcore EDM, but it turns out to be a great deep house/tech house set. Pretty Pink just sounds so missleading!:) Thanks to Nikolaij Pitsch who send this in on facebook.

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