Robin Schulz – Lady of the Sunshine (Bootleg)

Here we have another free bootleg provided by one of the ascending German electronic whizzes Robin Schulz.

Get it on Soundcloud through the link below!

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin Schulz – Lady of the Sunshine (Bootleg)

Tapesh, KANT – What I Need (Original Mix)

Just dropping their latest EP ‚What I Need‘, DJ TAPESH (The official page of Tapesh) and KANT already received huge support from Pleasurekraft and Tube & Berger amongst many other great artists.

Out of the 3 featured tracks we like ‚What I Need‘ the most.
Enjoy a really smooth break combined with a great bassline and refreshing vocals!

However all 3 songs are definitely worth listening!

Tapesh, KANT – What I Need (Original Mix)